Friday, April 1, 2011

Blogger's New Dynamic Views

I came online this afternoon to start a post on foraging - still to come - and discovered that Blogger has added a range of dynamic views to their mix of blogging features. There are five different views, all of which are independent of the original blog design.  I took a look and found that the mosaic view, as well as a few others, seemed like a great way to get an overview of the blog all at once via pictures and short text. So I've added a hyperlink to that view on the right. There doesn't seem to be a smoother way to integrate these views into the site.

The dynamic views are available for all Blogger blogs simply by adding "/view" onto the end of the site's url,... unless the author has disabled the dynamic views. I haven't.

If you want to check them out, just click the link

and you'll see a pull-down menu top right to flip between views...or just to go straight to the mosaic view, click here.

The mosaic view is great when you have images attached to your entries... I don't have photos for all my entries, so you can see the collage is interrupted by text entries... but I think that makes it even more compelling.

Have fun. Now I'll get to that entry on foraging wild chives.

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