The Who's Who List

Here's a list of the producers/businesses and consumers followed in my blog, as well as contact information and links to the initial profiles, where they exist. 

The Producers/Businesses:

  • Copper Penny Farm - Chuck and Nancy Gardetto - you'd never guess this farm is just off Rt. 295 near Jessup. They've got pasture-raised pigs, turkeys, and a range of other animals.
  • De La Tierra Gardens - Jackie - a soft-spoken leader instrumental in the success of the Westminster Farmer's Market
  • Everblossom Farm - Elaine - this farm in Adams County, Pa. is the home of our 2010 Winter CSA - read about it starting here
  • Green Akeys Farm - Michael Akeys - Consumer gone real farm, real fast. lots of energy and lots to say. My profile of him is here
  • Love Dove Farms - John Dove - A young farmer from a long line of farmers in Howard County who is trying to keep the heritage alive and profitable. Read more about his struggle here.
  • Larriland Farms - large, family-owned pick your own farm in Woodbine, Md. 
  • Maureen and Mike - consumers gone farmette and egg sellers
  • Nev-R-Dun Farm - Tom Reinhardt  - passionately certified organic - my profile of him is here
  • Sattva Place - Scott - yoga teacher and certified organic farmer specializing in poultry
  • Serpent Ridge Winery - Greg and Karen - local European-style wine from largely Maryland grapes - My profile of them is here
  • Thorne Farms - Greg and Khris Thorne - low-key sheep farmers with produce. they've just gone from five acres to twenty-five.
  • Truffula Seed Produce - Josie and Shawn - idealists with a huge positive presence. next year (2011) they will start a CSA. My profile of them is here.
  • White Rose Farm - Sally Voris - biodynamic farmer seeking community building around the farm. My profile of them is here

The Consumers:
  • Andrea
  • Cathy
  • Maureen
  • Meg 
  • Sharyn