My Garden

While I continue to struggle to get any produce worth the time I put into it, my flower gardens have matured to provide constant beauty. The month of June is one, in particular, where every approach up the driveway leaves me smiling.

We live on three wooded acres and only a small portion of the yard gets more than six hours of sun, so veggies just have a seriously rough time. I did succeed this year with garlic and, in my new raised bed, with cucumbers. Nothing else of note.

My one mini success in the veggie arena this year

In the flower arena, here's a few select photos and a link to all the current photos. The yard is filled with somewhere between 25 and 30 hydrangeas of 5-7 varieties. My tallest blooms in late summer and is over 7 feet tall, but the size and number of these shrubs make them difficult to photo on mass. I've never been happy with a wide photo. In addition to the hydrangeas, I have several types of dicentra (bleeding hearts) and my daylillies actually do okay too. A wide range of other flowers give blooms throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

A small section of the garden in June
One of the more unusual lacecap hydrangeas I have
This tradescantia (spiderwort) is actually a vibrant purple - hard to photo
Here's a few of the hydrangeas in the yard

Love this climbing rose 
One of my new daylillies - love the red edge
Another awesome daylilly 
I have a few types of Japanese Irises 
Two Siberian irises and one Japanese
this is a cool coreopsis