Farm Profiles and How-To Pieces

Food Source Profiles. 

A large part of this blog is profiling local farmers and other producers in order to give consumers a detailed look at the producers' motivations and a way to connect to source their food.  These entries almost always come from farm visits and detailed interviews. In order to make it easier to find the producer profiles, I've listed links to them here. If you are a producer or know one that you'd like to be profiled for this blog project, just let me know via a comment.

Truffula Seed Produce
Furnace Hills Coffee
Love Dove Farms
Sweet Simplici-Tea Tea Shop
Serpent Ridge Winery
Green Akeys Farm
Nev-R-Dun Farm
White Rose Farm
Everblossom Farm

I have discussed a number of other producers in my posts that I haven't written articles on yet. These sources can be found on the Who's Who List, along with their website link if I have it.

How-To Articles.

How To Pick the Right CSA for You
All About Buying Local Beef